Designs By Tabi

By Mark Piras

From the moment it started, you'd never have known it was her first fashion show.

Tabitha Abney, founder and designer of Designs By Tabi, showcased two stunning looks at the Alternative Fashion Mob Fashion Show in September 2013.

Designs By Tabi
debuts in style

Models (from left to right):
Geraldine Contreras and Brandi Wallace

But even though everything went off without a hitch, she didn't actually feel as cool and collected as her public demeanor suggested.

"Oh God, I was a nervous wreck, even experiencing my first-ever panic attack," Tabi said. "Because all of a sudden I realized, holy crap, this is actually happening."

It's been a long journey for Tabi, who spent years refining her craft and imagining the day she would share it with the world.

"It was exciting because it was like, this is actually something I'm getting to do that I always wanted to do," Tabi said. "This was something that I dreamed about doing since I was a kid: showing something that I created and watching people be excited about my designs."

And while the event went off without a hitch, that doesn't mean there wasn't a lot of scrambling to get things done. Shortly before the event, for example, Tabi discovered that she was responsible for bringing her own models. She had assumed that models would be provided.

The result was serendipity at its finest. Geraldine Contreras was a co-worker of Tabi's fiance and Brandi Watkins was an aspiring model friend of a friend. Both received numerous accolades from onlookers.

"I really appreciate what they did," Tabi said. " It was such a last-minute deal, but to see them in the clothing - they knocked it out of the park. They brought their energy to it, and they were excited about what they were wearing, and that made me even happier."