We employ a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our garments. We take time in conducting your fittings to ensure the perfect fit. Your satisfaction is the most important part of our business, and we go to great lengths to achieve that. 

Our philosophies

Customer Service

Our philosophy is simple: Take amazing care of our customers, and they will keep coming back. It’s a simple formula that we have been employing from day one. Whether it is your first time to order with us or your 50th, you will always feel the warmth from our educated professional ready to attend to your every need. 

about tabi


If you were to ask her, Tabi would tell you that she doesn't have a "passion for fashion"...too cliche. She will tell you that her love of making clothing started when she was a little girl playing with dolls and wanted to have dresses made for them that she imagined.  Luckily, she had a wonderful Aunt Madear who took her drawings and made them.  Every summer, her package of drawings grew and eventually, her Aunt taught her how to use a needle and thread herself.  Flash forward to pre-teen years and Tabi's family had a seamstress that made creating clothes just from pictures look easy and she took the time  to show Tabi the ropes with a sewing machine. 

Dizzying speed to high school, and Tabi was "gifted" a huge box of hand-me-downs from several Aunts and dreaded starting a new school with clothing from the 70's. So with a pair of scissors and her hand-sewing skills, she took every garment apart, drew up some more stylish garments then sewed every piece back together.  She started school with a confidence that she hadn't known before.  After that, a good portion of her clothing was items that she created and styled herself. 

After following a fashion journey that has taken her from design school to perfecting her craft, she can say that she LOVES creating garments.  She lives for the intricate details in beading, manipulating fabric to her whim and taking her designs from imagination to fascination.

designs by tabi


Located in Columbus Ohio, Designs By Tabi works to provide custom, individually designed, beautifully embellished clothing to customers who value originality but don't have the time or skills to create such pieces on their own. By working with my customers in the design phase, we give them the satisfaction of having input into their clothing, without the intense investment of their own time and labor that would be necessary to produce such a garment. The results are personalized, timeless dresses and suits which will be appreciated for their fine quality and are always in fashion.